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Mack MacGregor and his son Brian both have decades of experience in the cleaning business. They’ve seen it all… twice!


The MacGregor family bought Browns Cleaners in 1978, and they were involved in the cleaning business even before that. They have fixed, upgraded and improved equipment, dealt with every type of fabric, tackled all stains imaginable, and helped countless local businesses and households with textile cleaning issues.


In fact, they often get calls for help from other cleaners across Canada the US, Australia and even South America. Perhaps there answers below can help you.


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Why is treating stains at home not always a good idea?

While treating stains yourself may seem like the most cost-efficient alternative, care needs to be taken. Improperly treated, certain stains will only set deeper into the fabric, making their removal near-impossible. The characteristics of the stain-causing substance and the stained fabric need to be considered so that you can judge which treatments will help and which ones will hinder your stain-removal effort. For your reference, here are some things to remember:

  • Always blot the stain at once, and don’t rub it. Rubbing can make the substance penetrate deeper into the fibers and/or may damage the fabric’s surface.
  • Some cleaners/chemicals may set the stain or damage the fabric or dye.
  • Using water can loosen the staining substance and displace it, enlarging the stain and making it look even worse.
  • Certain materials, such as silk, must be treated extra carefully because rubbing the affected area will break fibers, permanently causing the fabric to appear lighter in that area.
  • Never return a stained garment to the closet. Spots and stains can set with age and food spills will attract insects, which can do permanent damage to the fabric.
  • Once you have blotted the stain, consult your dry cleaner before attempting further action at home.
  • It may sound a little self-serving, but the best thing to do when you stain any cherished textile is to take it promptly to professional cleaners (like Browns!).



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