Helpful Hints


We’ve been making sure people look and feel great for a long time… here are some things we learned along the way!

Making sure your outfit survives the beauty regime – and looks as great as you do.

  • Spray your perfume or cologne on and let your skin dry before you get dressed. That way you can smell great without damaging your clothes, which can happen when certain fabrics (i.e. silk) come in contact with the alcohol in most scents.
  • Be careful when using skin care products with benzoyl peroxide, since this substance is a bleaching agent that can cause permanent colour loss.
  • If you brush deodorant / antiperspirant on your clothing by accident, and if the fabric is not extremely delicate, use a pair of nylons to rub the mark off.
  • If you’re getting ready at a counter with a sink, put a towel down before you lean in to do your makeup/hair/primping. You may not notice wet spots on the counter until they are on your clothes but, once doused, certain fabrics will look different even after they dry.
  • When using hair care products such as hairspray, consider placing a towel over your shoulders before spritzing. The product you’re using may have alcohol in it, which can cause colour damage and/or it may have oils such as resins and lanolin, which can cause staining.

Give your cleaner all the information you can.

  • Let us know of any spills or stains, and what the substance was so that we can treat the area properly.
  • Bring any extra care instructions or tags that have removed from the clothing, with you when you drop off your order.